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Zero 2 Hero – 3 Days 4 Night PURE KITESURFING

For who: The Zero To Hero Kite Course is for those kite-boarders looking to start either from the beginning or for those who are slightly more advanced and want to progress. So whether you’re just starting or looking to move forward in your kitesurfing career, the Zero To Hero will be the perfect kite adventure for you.

Our Zero To Hero course is dedicated to a single individual or to a couple and run from 1st September all the way through till the end of March for a period of one week, should you want to extend your stay we will be more than happy to put the option together for you. The Zero To Hero course is a really focused way of being able to find couples and individuals who just wanna get away and do some kiting on a private basis with a full-time instructor next you.

Where: Langebaan, South Africa
When: Our Zero 2 Hero courses are all year round but we suggest focusing on coming during the windy season between October 1 and March 31 .

PLEASE NOTE: We do provided equipment for this course, however should you have your own we recommend bringing it with. Our goal is to train you to the level that you either experience new equipment or your own that you you have purchased already. We have a small kite shop at the school that focuses on providing you with a great starter package to get you going where ever you travel next to.

All our kite packages can be made up to suit both your locals wind condition as well as you weight category.


  • 3 days 4 nights.
  • Limited space for 2 people on a couple course or 1 on private course “Spouse option available”
  • Dedicated instructors “IKO qualified” for between 3 to 5 hours each day, depending on wind conditions.
  • Self catering studio apartment
  • Demo Kitesurfing equipment on request
  • Optional wave riding in Cape Town
  • Free Wifi Provided.
  • Coffee Bar available on site “We make great Coffee”
  • 3 to 5 hours of training per day.

Do you set the pace of the clinic meaning that when the wind is blowing we are ready for you, should you feel the need to take a day off during the course this is completely at your discretion. Whether you be on our four day or seven day course our aim is to be with you at least three hours per day, however you are welcome to push us for as long as you feel comfortable “weather permitting”

Included in our Accommodation:

  • Bedding
  • Towels “restricted to room use”
  • Wifi
  • Self-catering kitchen with basic needs.
  • Free Parking

What to expect from the Kitesurfing Clinic…

Originally when we put the kite clinics together, it was focused towards groups that we believed would bond together and enjoy the experience. However what we found was that people wanted more personal time and more one on one time with instructors or simply wanted to enjoy the time with her partner.

We then decided to move away from the group camps and focus more on individual clinics. This still allowed us to run groups of people but with more instructors over a Time period that would suit you. If we had three or four clinics going we would find that people would bond in the evening to enjoy their experience.

The clinics are completely personalised to suit both your time as well as your needs when it comes to Kitesurfing.

So whether you’re on the four day or seven day clinic you can be sure that not only will you enjoy your time with us but take the most away from the experience having met people as enthusiastic about learning the sport as you.

The whole idea is to bring you to one of the world’s top locations for kitesurfing in order to get you enjoying the sport even more by joining us on one of our Kite Camps. Be sure to make your inquiry on time and book well in advance as there is limited space for the maximum of 2 people.

More details on our Clinic, staff and Langebaan… During the course you will have the opportunity to gain even more experience and confidence in your skills on the water. Everything from learning to jibe your wave-board to trying your first unhooked moves will be covered. Even though we will focus most of our training time on twin tip boards and flat water in Langebaan participants will also be given a chance to learn wave-riding. If you don’t have your own equipment Constantly Kiting will provide you with a wave board and even pick a day to get you down to Cape Town to try riding the waves.

The location… Langebaan, South Africa is one of the world’s hot spot destinations for learning and developing your skills as a Kitesurfer. Langebaan has always offered itself as a top class destination with great winds and clear, flat water, not only that, it’s a perfect location to break away from the everyday hassle and bustle of everyday city life.

Our staff… Our IKO qualified instructors will be there to assist you through the day and help you gain the confidence you need in a professional and friendly way.

Suits who… The Kitesurfing Camps won’t only be focusing on the more advanced riders but also on the beginners. Constantly Kiting’s staff is prepared to train in all areas of the the different kitesurfing levels. As part of the clinics we will have space for students seeking to start kiting from a beginner level.

What else is there… With Cape Town and Langebaan being such amazing locations for kiting, the options are there for you to even take a day off and enjoy far more than just kiting if you wish so. Constantly Kiting can arrange everything from wine tours to trips around Cape Point, skydiving, surfing, SUP lessons and much more. Photography and videos are all part of the clinics and there is always great fun to be had watching them over a Braai ” BBQ ” at the Kite House after a full day of riding. So if it’s your first Back roll or Raileys or even Gnarly Kiteloops that you are wanting to achieve then Constantly Kiting is for sure the clinic to be on. Join us on our clinics and we promise you will have so much fun, learn many new things and share this amazing experience with great people that are passionate as you are about the sport and want to enjoy the great freedoms that Kitesurfing offers.

Please Note: All prices are calculated in Rands and that the Euro price is based on the current conversion rate.

Please Note: All prices are calculated in South African ‘Rands’ and that the EUR/USD price is based on the current conversion rate.

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