1 Day Private Course “5 hour ” GIFT VOUCHER


Please Note: All vouchers are valid for one year from date of purchase. The expiry date can be found on your voucher once you have downloaded it.

This is simply an extension of the day 1 and day 2 private course and we will continue from where we have left off.


Kitesurfing gift voucher 3 Day Private Course – Private Lessons

All equipment provided

Private kite surfing lessons have been a massive success when it comes to learning the sport quickly and without hesitation or being hampered by second person with you on the course. The three day private kite surfing course is all about taking your time learning property without being under pressure. The course includes everything that you need including audio cuts roofing equipment safety gear and wetsuit. The private kite surfing course is simply an extension of the first two days which you would’ve done with us already. You can either book online with us now or contact us for more information.

You will for sure enjoy the schools and all the benefits that come along with learning safely and quickly without feeling like you are under time pressure

Kitesurfing gift voucher


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