Airush Quad Active 2012

QUAD ACTIVE Four Fin Performance Available 5’10” Developed with emerging wave talent Bear Karry, the Quad reflects the demands of the Southern Californian conditions, excelling in cross onshore to cross offshore conditions. The relatively straight rails running back from the midpoint are combined with an intermediate rocker for speed and drive required for new school

The Airush FS team 2012

Airush FS team 100% Freestyle The FS Team features the same outline, bottom shape and flex ratio as the FS series. However, unique innovations in lamination, construction and core technology have enable us to offer a product that is simply lighter, more responsive at the stiffness required from a dedicated freestyle board. This unique development

Airush Razor 2012 overview

Airush RAZOR 2012 Cutting Edge C-Kite In its first year, the Razor has established itself as the leader in the new school C-kite movement. As a dedicated 5 line kite, the Razor draws C-kite enthusiasts, freestyle fanatics, and wave purists with its high-end performance. The Razor has even left its mark on the World Cup

Airush Varial X 2012

The Airush Varial x 2012 After the last year having used Airush kites in the kite school and my review on the 2010 Airush Razor, I fine myself yet again in reviewing another kite from the Airush brand that has my head back into Kitesurfing and enjoying the water once more. This new SL-C high

Kitesurfing in Zanzibar

Day 1. Clearing custom is a night mare if your not on the front of the plane. Reason is mostly dew to that you have to get a visa when you arrive and that can take forever. By the time you got your bags the line is still out side the door. Taxi if for
After almost two months of being in Germany, I finally get a chance to go out to the Ammersee to check out some of the local action that I had been hearing about all these years. I’ve been putting off riding for a why’ll after the season down in SA but though it’s about time