2 Day Private Lessons “8 hour “


2 Day Private Lessons “8 hour “

You are about to book a 8 hour 2 day course. This means that you will be doing 4 hours per day. A deposit of 50% is required in order to secure the course. We look forward to having you with us  helping you take more steps closer to enjoying Kitesurfing.


2 Day Private Lessons “8 hour “

You’re almost there.
Thank you for taking an interest in booking your two day six hour private kitesurfing lesson with us here at Constantly Kiting.

The two day six hour course is a three hour a day Kitesurfing program which allows you to either come in as a beginner or an advanced rider. We do not limit you as an individual to this course, so if it’s beginner course you want or you’re just here to improve your Kitesurfing skills the six hour today course is the perfect option for you.

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