Private Kitesurfing Lessons Langebaan

1 Instructor to 1 student - we provide all equipment

WE OFFER OUR CLIENTS A 5 HOUR DAY Constantly kiting’s private Kitesurfing lessons are very similar to those of the group lessons, however with the added benefit of faster learning without being held back by second person. Over the years of running the private lessons we have noticed that our clients progress quicker and manage the learning time better than in the group course

1 Day Beginner Private Course, 5 Hrs

R3000  PPerson

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The 1 day private course is a the recommended IKO standard course and follows all guidelines. Great if your wanting to get a understanding of the sport.

  • 1 day of kitesurfing, 5hrs
  • Private instructor
  • Focused on introduction to kitesurfing
  • All equipment provided
  • Radio communication " on request "
  • Boat rescue service
  • Focus on IKO level 1

Doing your private kitesurfing lessons in Langebaan will always be the easiest way for you to learn quickly. Langebaan offers a fantastic location that allows you to learn the sport safely without having to compete with the waves that Cape Town locations have. Your day one course provides you all the fundamentals of kite flying and body dragging and will have you wanting to book your second day straight away.

  • Trainer kite & learning about your wind window.
  • Pre-light checks and set up.
  • Site assessment & underpinning knowledge.
  • Landing & launching.
  • Water safety & work.
  • Relaunching.
  • Body dragging.
  • Deep water self rescues & pack down.

The "One-Day-Course" covers all safety that is needed for you to become a kitesurfer. At the end of a "One-Day Course" you will have learned the basics of kitesurfing, as we would have covered all the safety tips the sport needs to get you on the board for day two. No doubt you will eagerly be booking up your second day after your first.

2 Day Private Course, 10 Hrs

R6000  PPerson

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The 2 day private course is a the recommended IKO standard course and follows all guidelines. this course is a continuation of the 1 day beginner course.

  • 2 days of kitesurfing, 5hrs per day
  • Private instructor
  • Focused on learning the basics of board starts
  • All equipment provided
  • Radio communication " on request "
  • Boat rescue service
  • Focus on IKO level 1 & 2

The "Two Day private Course" package will be a follow on from your day one. Constantly Kiting’s program builds on the knowledge learnt on your "Day One Course". With that in mind your second day is all about getting on the board, learning the basics of board starts and edging up wind. This is where it gets interesting, and by the end of your day two you’ll be amped about wanting to move on to taking the sport seriously.

  • Recap on day one.
  • Body Dragging to get back into the water.
  • Getting the board on your feet.
  • Water starts & theory of staying up on the board.
  • Coming up and riding.
  • Stop and starting in either directions.
  • Edging and riding upwind.
  • Pack down and storing your gear.

The "Two Day Course" will always give you the best feeling of weather or not you would like to continue with kitesurfing. In our experience everyone pushes for a third day, and as we always do recommend that practice is the best way to learn the sport, have a look at would day three has to offer.

Please Note:  All prices are calculated in South African ‘Rands’ and that the EUR/USD price is based on the current conversion rate.

Beginner Private Kitesurfing Lessons Langebaan, Learn to Kitesurf South Africa

I've spent the better part of my life in the water. Kitesurfing brings nothing but pure joy to my life

I've been most fortunate to travel the world pursueing my love for Kitesurfing and having experinced so much joy from it that I started Constantly Kiting as my way to share it would tase that would let me.

Since 2007 Constantly Kiting has grown to much more than I expected and growing all the time, and we look forward to teaching you next.


Wesley Fourie
Director / Instructor

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