Wesley Fourie / Owner

I have only ever prepared myself for the hard times. I know that working hard for some thing has brought value to my life and my school. My kite school has brought me friends, adventure, happiness and the best thing of all, my gorgeous wife. Without kitesurfing I wouldn’t have met her.

With more than 15 years kitesurfing experince, he has always enjoyed all aspects of the sport, from both a fun and professional point of view. An extreme sportsman that has now found a passion for teaching kiteboarding and building a dedicated kitesurfing school in the process. You will always find him eager to help you get up and going or help you choose the right gear for you.

My passion for kiteboarding has lead me to the most amazing countries in the world to do the sport. Not only that, it’s give me the amazing oppertuniuty to build one of the most renound kiteboarding schools in South Africa.
Even though me and my team enjoy our kiting we are dedicated to the safe teaching of our students and making sure that there well educated in the safety of this amazing sport.

Feel Free to contact Wesley direct on Tel: +27 (0) 73 071 3878 if you have any questions for him or emails him on ,

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